How to Fix Error Code Ui-113 on Netflix

Error code UI- 113 of Netflix occurs when the device is not able to connect to the servers. This type of issue can be caused due to home network, streaming device, or Netflix.

If you are facing the same trouble and want to fix this error, then you are on the right post. Read through the blog and follow the steps to fix Error code UI-113  of Netflix.

How to troubleshoot Code UI-113 of Netflix

If you want to troubleshoot Code UI-113 of Netflix, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Use a web browser for Netflix
  2. Check to see whether the Netflix app is streaming on PC or not.
  3. If there is an error on the website, then the problem must be with Netflix.
  4. Restart the device
  5. Restart the device to restore the internet connection and the Netflix app.
  6. Sign out of the Netflix app
  7. Cached data will be cleared when you sign out of the Netflix app.
  8. If the device has not any option to sign out the Netflix, then you should force the connected device to sign out of the website.
  9. Refresh Netflix
  10. Deleting Netflix and reinstalling the app can help in fixing this error.
  11. If it is not possible to delete and install the app, then the users can try other ways to restore it.
  12. Start again the home network
  13. If there is no issue with Netflix, then there must be issues with the connectivity.
  14. Shut down and unplug each equipment of the home network and then connect them again.

Improve Internet Connection

  • Change the connection from Wi-Fi to the ethernet.
  • If the user can’t change to ethernet, shift the device or router to improve the signal.
  • They can try by connecting the device to the modem.

Fix Code UI- 113 by restart the streaming device

Shutting down the streaming device and unplugging it again can fix the error Code UI- 113. Restarting the device resolves connection issues as well as forces Netflix to empty cache and start again.

If you want to Fix Code UI- 113 by restart the streaming device, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Sign out the Netflix app from all devices
  2. Go to
  3. Tap user option on the top right.
  4. Select Accounts.
  5. Click on Settings.
  6. Choose Sign out all devices.
  7. Tap Sign out.

How to refresh login information in Netflix on PS3

In case you intend to refresh login information in Netflix on PS3, go through the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to PS3 home screen.
  2. Open Video or TV Services.
  3. Tap Netflix.
  4. Click X.
  5. Then the message, “Do you want to reset the Netflix settings and re-register?” will display.
  6. Choose Yes.
  7. Type the login information on Netflix.

How to Sign out the Netflix app on Blu-ray players or other devices

If you want to Sign out the Netflix app, then abide by the given instructions:

  1. Open Netflix app.
  2. Click Up twice on the remote.
  3. Tap down twice.
  4. Click left.
  5. Tap right.
  6. Hit left.
  7. Click right.
  8. Tap Up four times.
  9. Choose Sign out.
  10. If you can’t see this option, then hit Reset.

How to Reinstall or Refresh the Netflix App

Signing out of the Netflix App is not enough when error code UI-113 occurs, so you have to refresh or reinstall the app. Users should try the clear cache or reset data, and if it does not work, then they should delete and install the Netflix app again.

How to restart the Home network

Follow the provided steps to restart the Home network :

  1. Unplug the router and modem from power.
  2. Unplugged the router and modem for a minute.
  3. Plugin router and modem again.
  4. Wait until it connects to the network.
  5. Then try to stream on Netflix.

How to improve the internet connection for Netflix

If the user is streaming Netflix through Wi-Fi:

  1. Move the router to a new location that is close to the streaming device.
  2. Move wireless device phones and microwave oven away from the router as it may interfere in networks.
  3. Always set the router on a plain surface.
  4. If you can’t place the router next to the streaming device, then put it in a high place.

Users can try plugin the streaming device directly to the modem:

  1. Switch off the streaming device.
  2. Unplug the modem from the wireless router.
  3. Plug the device directly to the modem.
  4. Switch on the streaming device again and try using Netflix.
  • If the Netflix works, then the issue is in the router.
  • If the Netflix still doesn’t work on the streaming device but can stream on PC, then contact the device manufacturer. There must be an issue with the streaming device.

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